Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

Treatment of Hyperhidrosis

For patients seeking permanent relief from excessive sweating, Ronald Edelson M.D., a plastic surgeon located in San Diego has a solution. Excessive sweating is really a condition indicated by abnormally elevated perspiration, more than that needed for regulating body’s temperature.

There has been only minimally satisfying tries to control excessive sweating in the axilla-for example Botox treatment, which works but is costly and can take months to achieve and is only a temporary solution. Dr. Edelson’s permanent solution utilizes a modified version from the liposuction technique, where the apocrine duct underneath the skin remains intact, however the bulb from the sweat gland that creates the sweat is taken away.

The process doesn’t take away the eccrine glands, those that are inside the skin. What it really does is take away the glands that handle the unnecessary sweating, the gushing type of sweating that happens even when someone is within a chilly room. .

You will find 2 kinds of sweat glands within the armpit area: some are within the skin, yet others much like hair follicles that really start underneath the skin within the fat. The apocrine glands that start underneath the skin, within the fat, are amenable to being removed when they are suctioned away. .

How It Works

Dr. Edelson has refined his excessive sweating procedure to where it now takes between 45 minutes to an hour. It begins by having a single small cut just in front fold from the axilla, after which we scrape it lower and stitch it up having a single stitch.

The individual lies on their back placing their arms on a leg board. The arm is extended upward to ensure that they’re in a 135-degree position in the side. You’ve got a complete look at the armpit. Prior to surgery, the individual will need to shave their underarms a week to ten days before surgery. It is best that the armpit area possess some stubble. The stubble will inform the Doctor where the majority of the apocrine glands are.

Dr. Edelson examines the hair pattern, the stubble, after which he draws a plan onto the skin.

As far as the comparison with liposuction, Dr. Edelson will run [the cannula] like we all do in liposuction, however with the openings up and against the top of skin. This is different approach than standard lipo. Whenever you do lipo, it’s done deep along with the openings directed downward instead of upward toward your skin.

There’s another advantage to doing the Sweat Lipo procedure, another side effect of excessive sweating is bromhidrosis ( poor odor). Bromhidrosis is triggered not through the sweating but by the act of bacteria caused by sweating.. Due to the decline in the amount of sweat produced you will most likely notice a reduction of bromhidrosis. The hair within your armpit will also grow a little sparser..

Who Should Have It?

Those who have excessive sweating should have the procedure done. It isn’t for those who sweat when they’re exercising, or if they’re inside a warm atmosphere or perhaps a stressful situation, it’s intended for individuals who sweat, when there’s really no reason to be sweating.

Patients end up finding roughly 70% to 80% reduction of sweating!